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Custom 4×4 Transmissions

Our service experts will not only get your vehicle road-ready, but we’ll also improve your transmission’s overall performance. Your car, truck, SUV, or 4×4 has a unique purpose and you have different expectations for its transmission. We can customize your transmission to match your specific driving habits. Bring your 4×4 to the Zach’s Transmission facility to maintain the speed, acceleration, and control you enjoy during off-road experiences. Your transmission needs different service when it’s used for daily commutes. Our experts are well-trained and experienced in servicing all automatic and manual transmissions. Before you receive an expensive transmission repair, come to our techs for a second opinion. Misdiagnoses of your transmission can end up costing you much more money than necessary. Our team of experts can solve many performance issues with effective maintenance services, instead of a costly transmission replacement. Whatever your transmission’s problem is, Zach’s Transmission & 4×4 should be your first call to handle it all!

Quick & Accurate Transmission Diagnostics

Let our technicians provide next level transmission services, including shift kit installations, transfer case repairs, transmission fluid exchanges, clutch service and repair, transmission rebuilds, and much more. We go above and beyond to earn your trust in our transmission service expertise. If you suspect a problem with your transmission, don’t hesitate to bring your concerns to our specialists. Keep in mind that most transmission problems start out as small issues then escalate over time. Zach’s Transmission service techs will analyze your transmission and perform necessary services long before any breakdown. Be proactive, and let us have a look at your transmission so that we can correct any malfunctions and prevent damages. Addressing your car’s need for a transmission repair in the early stages can save you a lot of money in the long run. Our transmission services include:


Here at Zach’s Transmissions, we provide only the best in quality and workmanship during the rebuild process. Every transmission that needs a major rebuild / overhaul goes through a complete teardown and inspection of all internal components. This inspection process examines all hard parts and soft / high wear components for damage. Since here at Zach’s we do all of our repairs in-house, we offer either a re-active or pro-active approach to the rebuild / overhaul service. The difference is the approach to the soft/ high wear components. On a re-active approach, we only change the parts that show damage or are prone to very high failure rates. That receives a 1 year warranty on parts replaced and against leaks. On a pro-active approach, we change all the high wear components regardless of their condition. That is our best service and receives a 3 year/ 50,000 mile warranty.


Since the early 1990’s, electronics are a part of every automobiles transmission function. There are solenoids inside the transmission that are controlled by a computer. There are sensors and switches that communicate with computer. These all have-to work together. When one fails, it will make the transmission not function properly. Luckily, the computer will recognize this failure and will respond by putting the transmission into a fail-safe or limp mode to try to protect the unit. Not all of the time you get a warning light informing you of this mode. Your O/D off light may flash, the transmission may start shifting very hard, or it just may lock itself in a higher gear. Most times this will be accompanied with fault code(s). These codes give a technician a solid direction for repair, not a silver bullet. Proper diagnostics are necessary for an accurate repair. Here at Zach’s Transmissions, we specialize in these conditions, can explain why it is happening and give you an accurate repair solution to your vehicles transmission concerns.

Manual / Standard Rebuilds

The manual / standard transmission repair is nearly impossible to estimate a total cost involved because of the very mechanical nature of its operation. Every transmission goes thru a total internal inspection to determine the true cause of failure and parts needed for an accurate repair. Synchronizer scratches and bearing failures are the most common. These failures are usually easily repaired by replacing the normal wear and tear items contained in the master overhaul kit. Loss of lubrication resulting in gear and / or case damage usually requires a replacement unit be located. All manual / standard overhauls receive a 12 month/ 12,000 mile warranty against parts replaced and leaks.


When a clutch starts to slip, chatter or quits moving, look no further than Zach’s Transmission for your clutch replacement needs. We only use the highest OEM quality replacement kits available. These kits only contain brand new components. They include a new pressure plate, new clutch disc, new throw-out bearing and new pilot bushing or bearing (where applicable). These replacement systems are made by the same manufacturer that supplies the OEM. The flywheel will be machined or replaced for a fresh mating surface for the disc to ride on. High performance aftermarket clutch solutions are available for your custom car or truck. Give us a call to talk about all your clutch system problems and we can find a solution!


Most newer cars and trucks have a hydraulic clutch release system to control the function of the clutch. These systems can be very troublesome when they malfunction. A clutch that will not disengage or engages right of the floor usually means that the hydraulic system is to blame. This system consists of a Master cylinder, hose or piping, and a slave cylinder. Any of these can create a problem when they cannot hold the extreme pressures that they are put under. You can trust that Zach’s Transmissions has the expertise to properly diagnose and repair this system.


Probably the most detailed repair is the set-up of gears in either the front or rear differentials. When this part of your drivetrain has problems, only a qualified shop should be considered. Don’t look any further than Zach’s Transmissions. If your vehicle is experiencing whines when accelerating or coasting or it makes a grumbling noise that changes with speed, your differential could be the culprit. Once the differential has been determined to have an internal failure, a complete teardown inspection performed. In most cases, the differential housing does not need to be removed from the vehicle. Yes, it is nice to use your vehicle to hold it while we do our magic. Backlash, bearing preload, pinion depth, crush sleeve, limited slip might be words that don’t have meaning. But in the world of differential repair, they are very important items to be mastered with to produce an acceptable tooth contact pattern for quiet gear operation. Here at Zach’s, we only use the highest quality gears, bearings and seals for a repair that lasts.


It could be a rock crawler needing all wheels driving all the time or it could be a novice on/off roader that wants put larger tires on his rig. Without the grip of an aftermarket locker system and/or the proper gearing for putting the power to the ground, the experience is just not the same! Getting the proper gear ratio right after installing 38” tires is key to balancing out drivetrain stress. Drivetrain stress is the extra load exerted on all other components when trying to turn very large tires. This can make the engine feel very sluggish and the throttle unresponsive. There is no better way of balancing out performance and tire size changes than to do a gear swap. By doing some basic calculations, the staff at Zach’s Transmissions can come up with ratio solutions to return the original performance back into your on/off road vehicle today! Gear swaps and/or aftermarket locker systems are not just for 4WD vehicles, cars can benefit from these modifications. Changing the stock gearing to a more aggressive ratio will drastically make your car accelerate much faster but will be higher RPM at highway speeds. Changing a ratio that is too high to one that is more economical can be accomplished if MPGs are a major concern. An aftermarket locker will increase traction, towing stability and overall control. There are many styles of limited-slip style carrier available. Please contact Zach’s to discuss any of these options!


The Transfer Case is the component that sends power to the front axle for either AWD or 4WD function. The most common failures with the transfer case are all related to fluid loss. Most units have a silicone gasket maker between the case halves and extension housings. Over time, the silicone will fail causing a small leak. Since most transfer cases only hold 2-3 quarts of oil, it doesn’t take a lot of miles to run low on oil. When fluids run low, the internal lubrication system fails causing components like shift forks, range hubs and output chains to wear that can cause loss of movement. Only under extreme cases, the transfer case would have to be replaced with an exchange unit due to excessive damage. Most newer vehicles have electronic shifting systems for the 4WD or AWD function. These systems make life a lot easier when engaging 4WD by pushing a button or turning a dial. But when it goes wrong and the “Service 4WD” message comes up, it can be very frustrating. The technicians at Zach’s are trained in diagnosing this system to restore your confidence that your vehicle’s 4WD/AWD system will be there when you need it!


There are very few upgrades to a classic car that match the impact of a overdrive transmission. Because of the overdrive ratios close to .75 to 1, you will get better fuel mileage, less noise at highway speed, longer engine life, and it will increase the desirability if you decide to sell your beauty. This conversion does have a cost to it, but we constantly hear from people who have done it: ”I wish I would of done it years ago”. The saying “It bolts right in” just means that it will bolt up to the engine. Beyond that, all the control and cooling systems have to be modified / custom fitted to your application. One of the main goals when doing these conversions is to make the system perform as if it could of came from the factory like it. The aftermarket now has standalone computer systems making fully electronic, late model transmission available. Of course, the nicer the nice, the higher the price. Give us a call, Zach will give you a personal consultation to discuss your project. From a complete turn-key job to a carry-out transmission package for the do-it-yourselfer, custom tailored plan is just a phone call away!


Attention business owners! We can help through your transmission problems. We offer free technical advice, special pricing, local service, higher level of priority and extended time to pay. Using Zach’s Transmissions insures that your business will no longer having to deal with a middle-man sales person to order a transmission and chance that it will fix that mysterious shifting problem. Call us for current pricing today!

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Many drivers have transmission issues that seem to never go away. Repeat visits for the same services are usually the result of a misdiagnosis. When you trust your transmission services to the wrong technicians, your transmission is susceptible to early breakdown. Allow us to provide the maintenance and repairs that prevent costly repairs. Give us a call today at 303-776-8885 to schedule your next transmission service appointment. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area of Zach’s Transmission & 4×4, feel free to stop in and meet our specialists. We gladly accept all walk-ins!