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Longmont’s Transmission Specialists--Zach’s Transmission & 4x4

We Offer Free Towing Services

Zach’s Transmission Repair & 4X4 is a Longmont specialty service provider! What started out as a one-man show, grew into a 6,300 square feet state-of-the-art facility. Zach’s Transmission Repair is equipped to diagnose and fix any automatic transmission or manual transmission issue. We have six qualified technicians on staff ready to serve you and solve all of your transmission service problems. Our expert staff wants to make it easier for your vehicle to receive the attention its transmission deserves. That’s why we offer free towing, diagnosis, estimates, and shuttle service. We want to eliminate all obstacles to your vehicle’s transmission reaching peak performance. Your transmission’s repair path includes top-notch service, affordability, and customer convenience. Our team always makes you a part of the process by keeping you informed with the right diagnosis and repair solution.

Where Customers Come First!–Then Their Transmission

Our team understands that owners have other issues to consider besides their vehicle’s repairs and maintenance. We treat you like a family member, making it easier to get the services you need. Just consider us a distant cousin! You can scratch fixing your vehicle’s transmission off your to-do list. Zach’s Transmission Repair has it covered for you. The team is here to handle the crisis. If a person wakes up with a sprained ankle, he or she goes to the emergency room. Likewise, if a person has a dire problem with his or her automatic transmission, that person can visit Zach’s Transmission Repair in Longmont, CO for quality service. Our customer-centric team looks at the transmission before quoting an estimate. Sometimes, the repair is minor, and if it is, we will let you know. We never charge our customers for unnecessary transmission services. Our customers trust our accurate diagnoses and service expertise.

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Let our transmission service specialists take away all the stress! Comfortable and enhanced driving experiences are what we bring to the Longmont community. Our team has been highly-trained and is experienced at turning transmission malfunctions into distant memories. If you want your transmission fixed quickly and properly, come to Zach’s Transmission & 4×4. All you have to do is reach our shop, and you can consider your transmission fixed. If you have trouble getting to us, we also offer free towing service. Please call today at 303-776-8885 for a free estimate! Let’s get you started on the right foot! Save yourself some time by going ahead and using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area of our shop, on Price Road, feel free to stop on by. We gladly welcome all of our walk-ins!